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System-wide superuser permission

Superuser is a system-wide permission that allows a user to perform any action on this specific Comentario installation.

That’s what distinguishes superuser from user roles, which define user permissions within a specific domain.

There can be any number of superusers in the system, but it’s a good idea to have at least one, because only superusers can do the following:

Also, they can do anything that roles allow: manage domains, moderate comments, etc.

Creating a superuser

There are the following ways to create a superuser:

  1. Superuser privilege can be granted by another superuser.
  2. The first local user (i.e. one signing up with email and password) registered on the server automatically gets a superuser privilege.
  3. Using the --superuser=<ID-or-email> command-line switch to turn an existing user into a superuser.
  4. Updating the database directly with a UI tool or the following SQL statement (put the correct email below):
update cm_users set is_superuser = true where email = 'email@address';

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