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Helm chart

Deploying Comentario in a Kubernetes cluster with Helm

You can easily deploy Comentario into a Kubernetes cluster using a Helm chart.

Kubernetes is a modern, production-grade cloud deployment system developed by Google. It provides numerous tools for reliable, scalable cloud deployments, but its flexibility may well prove overwhelming, especially when it comes to deploying multiple components.

Comentario addresses that complexity by providing a so-called Helm chart, which greatly facilitates server deployment in a cloud environment.

The chart is available in Comentario git repository in the resources/helm/comentario directory.


First, make sure you understand the requirements for running Comentario in general.


All examples below use the same namespace, referred to as $NAMESPACE. If it doesn’t exist yet, create it with:


Comentario Helm chart provides the following configuration parameters.

Database backup

It’s usually a good idea to make periodic backups of Comentario database. Below are procedures that apply when you run Comentario in a Kubernetes cluster.