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Binary package

How to install Comentario locally from a binary package.

This page explains how you can install Comentario locally using a binary package.


  • Your system has systemd, because Comentario runs as a systemd service.
  • Optional: PostgreSQL is installed and running, and the required database is created.


  • Download a .deb or .rpm binary package from the releases page.
  • Run dpkg or rpm to install the package.


Upon installation, Comentario (comentario.service) will start with all the default configuration, which may not be entirely correct.

The default configuration assumes:

  • Comentario is using a local, file-based SQLite3 database for storing comments, users, statistics etc. The database file will be created at /var/lib/comentario/comentario.sqlite3.
  • Comentario is listening on localhost port 80.

Feel free to make necessary changes:

  • Edit the file /etc/comentario/comentario.conf containing the static configuration (as environment variables).
  • Edit the secrets in /etc/comentario/secrets.yaml. Make sure the file is only readable by root (has 0600 permissions).

Then restart the service:

sudo systemctl restart comentario.service

Read more on configuring the backend here.